Which Assets does the Member of BH Presidency Sefik Dzaferovic have?


Candidate of SDA Sefik Dzaferovic stated in his property card that he has a monthly salary of 4,904 BAM with the addition of 840 BAM as a state representative. His wife’s salary amounts to 1,400 BAM. When it comes to the real estate, he noted that he is a co-owner of the apartment with his wife in Zenica, whose value is estimated at 120,000 BAM, as well as an apartment in Sarajevo, whose value is estimated at 90,000 BAM.

He added that he owns a parcel of land in Zavidovici at 10,025 square meters, whose value was estimated at 20,000 BAM, a house with backyard at the same locality, whose value was estimated at 45,000 BAM, while his daughter Jasmina owns an apartment of 53 square meters in Sarajevo.

Dzaferovic also noted that he also owns Renault Megane worth 30,000 KM. He noted that he has 20,000 BAM of savings and 15,400 EUR deposited in banks. Dzaferovic also added that he has loans in the amount of 40,000 BAM and 50,000 BAM, and his wife has loans of 100,000 BAM and 30,000 BAM.

(Source: A. D./Klix.ba)

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