What is the Revenue of the Trebevic Cable Car?

City Council adopted a report on the operation of the public utility company Public Enterprise Sarajevo d.o.o. which manages the City Hall and the newly constructed Trebevic cable car, where the operating profit was 1.630.464 BAM.

The total revenue of this company in 2018 was 3,846,932 BAM. By the end of last year, 411,000 tickets were sold for the Cable Car and more than 33,000 for the City Hall.

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka pointed out that this information suggests that the project for the construction of the cableway and revival of the City Hall as a National Monument started on the basis of a clear plan, precise analyzes and estimates, and showed that it is possible to build a viable and profitable project.

“The profit that we have achieved opens the door to the realization of new projects and strengthens the trust of citizens and especially the Councilors. It is important to point out that this result is certainly not our maximum and that the continuation of development and quality content in Trebevic and in the City Hall,” Skaka told Federal News Agency.

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