What is the Number of People who travelled between BiH and Germany in 2018?

Germany is one of the most important trade partners of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the world. Around 400.000 citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina live and work in Germany. Many German companies are present and operate on Bosnian market. With Bosnia and Herzegovina aligning its laws and regulations to the ones of European Union finding skilled and educated workforce is something German companies find favorable in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

German companies are hiring workforce from Bosnia and Herzegovina for employment in Germany in many fields but particularly in medical field (all professions), caregivers, building and road constructions, hospitality etc.…

Due to major flow of capital and people all major German cities are connected with flights to airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia and Herzegovina has four international airports and all four have flights to Germany. Majority of flights are carried out from Sarajevo and Tuzla. Mostar is connected to Germany with summer seasonal flights, while Banja Luka airport just started developing its route network, thanks to the deal it made with Europe’s largest airline Ryanair. Ryanair started flights from Memmingen in October of last year,  with the second destination in Germany scheduled to start in April, Berlin Schönefeld Airport will be served twice weekly.

New-established Bosnian airline FlyBosnia is about to schedule its service to Germany as well, the airline said is looking at securing landing slots at Frankfurt International Airport, focusing mostly on transfer passengers from Sarajevo to the USA and Canada, but other cities are in plans too.

Last year 423.653 passengers traveled between two countries, a record number of air travelers representing 27% of all air passengers traveled to and from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tuzla Airport had largest passengers share with 261.809 passengers,  followed with Sarajevo with 144.960, Mostar 12.223 and Banja Luka 4.661. This number is expected to go well over 500.000 this year, BiH Aviation News reports.



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