What happened with Suspect in the ‘Diploma Case’?

January 10, 2019 8:00 AM

Due to false allegations regarding the actions of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH in the events related to the so-called ‘Diploma Case’ that has been broadcasted in the media in the past few days, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH stated that it was never submitted a report or information concerning the committed criminal offenses in relation to a person named Senad P. born in 1978 in Fojnica, who appears in a video posted on the portal , which is why the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH could not undertake any action in relation to that person.

The State Investigation and Protection Agency of BiH provided Information reference no. 16-04/2-04-1-6395/18 to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH which lists a completely different person born in 1982 in Bihać.

Therefore, the person that appeared in the video was not reported to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

“A certificate of the High School of Medical Studies from Sanski Most, which is recognized not only in BiH, but in the European Union, journalist of Zurnal portal was given after two weeks. The person asked for 2500 BAM for a certificate to be issued immediately. The documents indicate that retraining lasted for two years. The certificate was formally issued even before we submitted the documentation,” Zurnal portal writes.

(Photo: oslobodjenje)



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