What are the Positive Effects of EBRD Annual Meeting in Sarajevo?

The annual meeting of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which was held in May in Sarajevo, was expected to have positive effects for our country.

Benefits of this meeting are important not only for the image of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a concluded agreement on EBRD’s further investment in the construction of Corridor Vc, but also for the business community and contacts during bilateral meetings, non-governmental sector, media partnerships, artists from BiH, hotels, catering facilities, taxi etc.

Nearly 235,000 views have been recorded by the promotional videos of BiH – host countries of this year’s EBRD Governor’s meeting, while more than 5.3 million of the impressed impressions of all social networks used during the promotional campaign of this important event.

The thematic articles related to the EBRD and Power Diversity meetings recorded over 1.4 million views on Internet, among other things, in the information of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations related to this event.

A total of 2,637 participants attended the meeting of the Governor’s Board and the Business Forum, including 743 representatives of the business community, 597 delegates, 253 special business guests and 288 journalists, Ekapija news portal reports.

The event focussed on ways to connect economies for strong growth and impact, both in the Western Balkans and beyond.

Guests joined us for a programme of lively debate, talks and discussion around a variety of themes and major trends, from boosting small business to the effects of migration on labour markets, the opportunities and pitfalls of tourism and the ways to connect the local and regional to the global economy.

All of these themed events featured an impressive line-up of leading experts and decision-makers to assess the trends of today and explore the challenges and prospects of tomorrow.

EBRD’s Business Forum typically attracts senior government officials, leading financial and corporate executives, environmental specialists and entrepreneurs large and small – as well as representatives of civil society organisations and the international and regional media. It provides a showcase for investment opportunities and a forum for informed debate.

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