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We have talent! Silicon Valley – Bosnia and Herzegovina Meetup


Successful Bosnians & Herzegovinians live all over the world. Some of the most successful reside in Silicon Valley, the innovation hub of the world. BH Futures Foundation organised a meetup event in San Jose, California to bring together professionals who draw their roots from Bosnia & Herzegovina. Some of them may be familiar to us through community activities while others are going about their careers without much interaction. Our conclusion for the evening was simple “We have incredible talent and we must work together to help young people in Bosnia & Herzegovina create a prosperous and functional state by empowering them to do great things”.

Like many refugees, Bosnians & Herzegovinians have built incredible careers in their new homeland. Their contact with the motherland varies but is predominantly focused around visiting family. Communities are built around things that bring us together and as such, the BH Futures Foundation is building global communities that want to give back to our homeland through the well established programs which we have rolled out.

The networking at event was impressive. The event allowed individuals who some instances lived less than a kilometer from each other but yet had not had the chance to meet.

Dr. Edhem (Eddie) Custovic, the BH Futures Foundation co-founder, gave a presentation highlighting his motivation for establishing the organisation, the methodology used by the foundation to develop future tech leaders in the homeland, some of the recent achievements of the foundation as well as the many way everyone can get involved to empower the youth.


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