Vulin: Denaying Republika Srpska is a certain Way to invoke Violence and War

Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin said building Bosnia and Herzegovina by denying Repubalika Srpska is a sure way to destroy BiH and call for violence and war.

Reacting to the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH, Bisera Turkovic, that the abolition of the entities in BiH should be done “by the will of the people, and of course with the support of foreigners”, he stated that “any agreement is possible with Serbs, but no violence”, Klix.ba writes.

“It is difficult to explain why the SFRY was broken, and BiH was not broken, and it is even harder for (Albanians) to try to get a state in Kosovo and Metohija, and Serbs cannot in BiH … Everything that is allowed (Albanians) must also be allowed to Serbs.

”If the BiH Foreign Minister does not recognize the Dayton arrangement, why would Serbs recognize BiH,” Vulin said.

Turkovic statated on FaceTV last night that BiH should be a civil state and that all its citizens should have equal rights, on every inch of the country, and added that in the future the entities could disappear by the will of the people officials who illegally acquired property through the backs of citizens.

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