Vispak’s largest Coffee Pot in the World filled 13 years ago

August 3, 2017 1:00 PM

Thirteen years ago, in 2004, in front of the newly renovated Old Bridge in Mostar, a monument of the 0 category on UNESCO’s world heritage list, 650 liters of coffee were made while divers competed, and the citizens of Mostar drank 8,000 cups of coffee.

The largest coffee pot in the world in a sense became the protected sign of BiH tradition and cultural heritage. The coffee pot has become a regular guest at virtually all cultural manifestation both in and out of BiH. It steals all the attention from other attractions.

The huge coffee pot is an attraction of its own, while a million people from across the world at various manifestations and events, such as the World Expo 2010 in China and the World Soccer Championship in Brazil in 2014, have drank coffee from it.

In order to fill this Guinness record-holder coffee pot, one needs around 65kg of coffee. The largest coffee pot in the world was created in the summer of 2004. Nasir Jabučar, a traditional expert in Bascarsija, made it in the summer of 2004.


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