Visoko’s Roast Beef will soon be protected as a Brand

November 6, 2017 2:45 PM

A well-known meat product, high-grade roast beef, will soon be protected by a label of geographical origin, and the team working on it claims that this way will end the copying of the product by which Visoko is famous for years.

“Meat producers from other parts of the country, with the intention of selling their product more easily, put a label on their dried meat as a “highly dried roast”, and we want to stop this,” Edin Babić, a member of the VIPS Association of Visoko, said.

He says that the establishment of the association was a condition for the high-grade roast beef to be labeled and emphasized that the association was founded more than 15 years ago, but that they failed to stay working.

“Now we are more seriously organized because we have to protect our product. As soon as we complete the registration of the association, we start with the process of protection and we’ve prepared all the papers,” said Babic, adding that the process of production of high-quality roast beef dates from 150 years ago.

He believes that the association will be formally registered by the end of this year, and until now about 30 high-end meat producers, from 45 small craftsmen and five meat industries, have responded to the membership.

Professor Amir Ganic, a professor at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food in Sarajevo, has been working on this idea for a decade, and for a few years he received the support of the cantonal ministry of the Zenica-Doboj Canton and the Municipality of Visoko.

“I want to protect the traditional Visoko product, highly dried roast beef, in order to protect all the traditional and cultural values that this product has and still has,” Ganic said.



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