Villages around Sokolac without Electricity and Water due to heavy Snow


Due to strong winds and snow, all the villages around Sokolac are without electricity and the city is without water.

Sokolac Mayor Milovan Bjelica told RTRS that snowfall in some villages exceeds two meters.

He said the mechanization was working to maintain the main roads and that private machines for cleaning roads to the villages were also employed.

“The routes to the centers of the local communities are mostly walkable, but the villages are all blocked. I am in constant contact with the commander of the Police Station and the director of the Forestry Department, whose teams are on the field towards Kalina, where a lot of trees fell on the road and created additional problems,” said Bjelica.

Mobile telephony has been hampered in the area of Sokolac municipality due to the interruption of electricity supply.

Snowfall and wind in most parts of Bosnia-Herzegovina have made traffic difficult, Avaz news portal reports.

The stormy wind last night in Trebinje broke trees, demolished sales stands in the town square, as well as billboards, and a truck trailer overturned.

Wind gusts at times reached about 100 kilometers per hour, local portals reported, citing data from the Trebinje Meteorological Station.

The wind also damaged the greenhouse and in Bileca, a tree fell on a residential building. There are problems with electricity supply in some settlements in Trebinje, Bileca and Nevesinje, Fena reports.

The stormy wind that hit the Herzegovina area tonight did enormous damage in Mostar as well.
The wind was ripping and breaking trees, many of which fell on parked cars. Advertisements were torn down in the streets, windows were broken on buildings, some of which remained without a facade.

The removal of trees during the night was carried out by members of the Professional Fire Brigade, while the inspection was carried out by members of the Mostar Police Department.

Damages were also reported in other cities in Herzegovina, and due to the strong wind, a warning was issued for the entire country.



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