Verification of Respirators imported by ”Srebrena Malina” should begin this Week

Verification of 100 respirators imported from China by the company “Srebrena Malina” should start this week, more precisely on February 12th, as it was confirmed from the Federal Department of Civil Protection (in Bosnian: FUCZ)

The only condition is that there should be no appeal against the selection of the company that will perform the verification, which was chosen according to the new tender, writes.

As it was confirmed, one offer was received for the tender, and it was from the company Verlab. The commission appointed to implement the procedure reviewed this offer on Thursday, assessed it positively, and sent a report to the director of FUCZ.

After that, the five-day appeal period began. Although there was only one bidder, this deadline had to be determined.

The signing of the contract with Verlab is planned for February 11th, provided there are no appeals, and the verification process itself could begin the following day.

To recall, 80 respirators came to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in April last year, and the remaining 20 were delivered afterward.

In the meantime, almost all respirators have been distributed to health facilities, but none of them are operational because the verification process has not been carried out.

The company Verlab was also selected in the first tender, but the verification was not finished and the contract expired, so a new tender was announced. Meanwhile, a trial has begun at the Court of BiH on suspicion that the law was violated during the import of these respirators.

All the accused in the “Respirators” case – Fadil Novalic, Fahrudin Solak, Fikret Hodzic, Jelka Milicevic, as well as the legal entity ”Srebrena malina”, pleaded not guilty on January 29th this year.

Novalic, Solak and Hodzic are charged with conspiracy to commit criminal offenses related to the acts of abuse of position or authority, receiving reward or other benefits for trading in influence, money laundering, forgery or destruction of business, trade books or documents, forgery of official documents and violation of obligations when it comes to handling financial books and compiling financial reports and their falsification or destruction, while Jelka Milicevic is charged with negligent work in the service.

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