Vedrana Simic, Bosnian Soprano Singer appreciated from Brazil to the Balkans

February 9, 2017 9:30 AM

Vedrana SimicOne of the most respected regional sopranos of newer generation will share her art with the audience in Sarajevo today on the concert of the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Vedrana Simic, whose singing career is in full swing, was born in Tuzla, and she successfully completed her singing education in Sarajevo and Zagreb.

Her biography includes great roles such as Italian opera veristic style, German opera from Wagner’s time, late romantic works such as Strauss’s Salome, as well as solo songs. She successfully played some premieres, and we’ve had the pleasure of listening and watching her as the mother of Husein-captain Gradascevic, in the opera “Zmaj od Bosne”.

Such a varied repertoire requires exceptional technical bases, an extraordinary artistic sensibility, and knowledge that must be improved every day.

“When I was invited to participate in the concert, and when they told me that the conductor is my friend from the Music High School Munir Mesanovic, I was really thrilled. I suggested these two works that I performed on many stages and that I really love. And then a little resistance from Munir happened, and he told me: ‘Everything okay, but why Mahler’. I assured him that he would like it and that he will be delighted if he just feels the core of the orchestration. Indeed, Munir “let himself” very quickly. I have to say that members of the Philharmonic Orchestra are really enjoying our rehearsals, and it is felt in their wonderful energy. I’m sure that the audience will recognize this as well,” says Vedrana.

However, Vedrana Simic says that the most crucial influence on her career had Professor Pasa Gackic from the Music Academy in Sarajevo:

“I care very much about how I am going to sing on the concert, among other things because my singing teacher lives in Sarajevo. She is someone who gave the foundation to my voice, the greatest treasure that I possess as an artist. For every artist, it is most important who built your foundation, and for me, this is Pasa Gackic, who continued the school of the famous Bruna Spiler. Everything that is the final touch for the style, all of it is just an upgrade, which could not be realized if there was not for a good basis. She is my second mother, but also my most realistic critic, so when I sing in front of professor Gackic, I’m under great stress. Her comments are always in place, but what she always emphasizes is that she grades me in accordance with strict, international criteria. It’s nice to get a compliment, but it is important to have someone like that as well,” says Simic.

“I also remember another extraordinary person who influenced my artistic path, and that is a teacher and conductor, famous Cestmir Dusek from Tuzla. Honestly, I will not forget him, and I think we all need to protect his name, not only in Tuzla but throughout BiH because what he left us, it is an invaluable treasure.”

The success of Vedrana Simic goes beyond regional borders, and proof of this is her several times repeated success in Brazil. The first time she went to the Festival de Opera de Brasília was to replace the older colleague from Croatia who became ill.

“I had to prepare for two concerts in a row with a demanding repertoire in only a few days. The last day, before I had to go to the airport, I received a call from the director of the Opera for the audition for the lead role in Puccini’s Tosca. I sang only a few fragments that I knew, but it was enough to them to hire me for three performances. Thus, I got my audience in Brazil, to which I returned several times and visited several cities.”

Listen to Vedrana Simic at the concert of the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra on Thursday, the 9th of February, at the National Theatre in Sarajevo.



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