Unique Magnets in the Form of Traditional BH Dishes!

July 16, 2017 3:00 PM

traditional dishes magnetAfter he did not know what to offer to tourists who were looking for domestic products because the domestic market was overwhelmed with products from China, Sasa Marlovic decided to try to change that and make an authentic approach that would be accessible, charming, and original at the same time. That is how the brand “Da Valja” was created, which is working on paying homage, popularization, and promotion of BH food.

He noted that we are hospitable people who like to eat well and that he came up with the idea of three-dimensional magnets that are representing traditional BH dishes that are favorite to many people from Balkans and hedonists all over the world. Each item is handmade and unique.

“The process of production is not automatic because every magnet has to go through hands that will create it, paint it and paste it. These are all phases that bring the spirit into the product itself and make it recognizable and interesting. On the other hand, the process of production represents a relaxation because it is really interesting to make little kebabs, baklavas, cakes, etc.,” said Sasa.

“You can find in our offer all the barbecue dishes that have not seen the grill, all the cakes that will not cause gaining weight. In the future period, we are planning to deal a little bit with stuffed peppers, cabbage rolls etc.,” revealed Sasa.

However, despite the uniqueness, authenticity and great interest for their magnets, Sasa noted that it is difficult to talk about some serious phases without financial support.

“There are ideas, the potential and interest are huge and people like our work, but some more serious investment is needed for some more serious work. The whole idea is like a game, a funny game, and there is one rubric on our page called “push” (pandam donation options) in order to play this game longer and to make these magnets a real BH brand,” said Sasa.

He adds that BiH is a fertile field and that citizens of BiH are truly creative and successful when they focus on their work.

Team “Da Valja” is currently negotiating with several souvenir shops and they are hoping to achieve more contacts very soon in order to distribute their products in multiple locations in BiH. Until then, their products can be purchased online or via Facebook.

(Source: El. B./Klix.ba)


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