Two new Production Plants to be constructed in Zivinice?

Živinice Projects

Mayor of the Municipality Zivinice Samir Kamenjakovic signed contracts on land purchase with two companies from Austria and Germany, for the construction of production plants in the Business zone “Ciljuge 2” in Zivinice.

The total value of the investment amounts to around 20 million BAM, and about 400 people will be employed after these companies start working. They are planning the increase of the number of employees in accordance with the growth of production since they already have markets for their products.

Elsta Mosdorfer from Austria is a member of the Knill Group, which is consisted of 29 companies that are working in 16 countries all around the world. The majority of their production is export-oriented, and around 95 % of the production has its market in the countries of the EU.

They are planning to start with the construction of a production plant within the business zone “Ciljuge 2” by the end of the year of 2017. They are planning to employ around 150 people at the very beginning. The total investment amounts to about 9 million BAM.

“We are planning the construction of a business object that will occupy a surface of approximately 9,000 square meters. We are planning to start with the construction by the end of this year, and we decided to construct a new business facility that will be located here in Zivinice due to the increase in our work. The value of the project is estimated at 9 million BAM, and we will offer the possibility of hiring 120-150 people at the very beginning, and even more in the future,” said Edin Gasan, director of the company Elsta Mosdorfer, who also added that they have plans for expansion and that these 9,000 square meters represent only the first phase of their planned business in Zivinice.



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