Two million BAM for Development of Tourism

Government FB&H Session of FBiH adopted the Program of expenditure with criteria of fund distribution of the Action Plan of the Strategy of Tourism in FBiH – Transfer for development of tourism, which foresees funds amounting to two million BAM for development of tourism in this year’s Budget of FBiH.

Co-financing of the program is aimed at enriching and improving tourist offer and promotion, introducing modern tourist trends of promotion and protection of tourist destinations and services, maintaining the existing and hiring new workers, and developing the entire economy of BiH.

Amount of 400.000 BAM is foreseen for co-financing of the projects of construction, expansion, reconstruction and improvement of tourism-hospitality capacities and infrastructure, while 300.000 BAM are intended for co-financing of the development of alpine, rural and eco tourism for the launched and new activities in mountainous areas, with the aim of complementing the tourist offer, extending the tourist season, and attracting new foreign and domestic tourists.

Another 300.000 BAM will be used for co-financing of the projects of development of sport and adventure tourism, such as cycling, rafting, extreme sports, hunting, fishing etc. Funds in the amount of 200.000 BAM are intended for programs of support to the Green Line within the project Via Dinarica (UNDP and USAID), for users who have registered with the UNDP for projects at the territory of FBiH.

The Government allocated 200.000 BAM for promotion of tourism potentials (fairs, events, congresses, festivals etc.) which have international significance and will be organized at the territory of BiH and which improve the market and other competitiveness of BiH tourism and hospitality.

Programs of support for the promotion of tourism potentials through the design of promotional materials will be co-financed with 200.000 BAM.

Tourist agencies that bring tourists and promote BiH resources and tourist destinations will receive 150.000 BAM.

Programs of support for the making of conceptual designs and original tourist souvenirs which would be sold and used at domestic and international fairs will be co-financed with 150.000 BAM.

These funds will be distributed according to the adopted programs and based on a public call which will be published at the website of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of FBiH, the Official Gazette of FBiH, and at least two daily newspaper.


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