Two Migrants arrested for Murder in Sarajevo

A fight broke out between migrants in Ilidza settlement in Sarajevo last night, in which one person died and police officers from the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Interior Police Department arrested two migrants.

One is suspected of murder, and the other of helping the perpetrator after the crime was committed, it was confirmed from the police for “Avaz”.

“Both are housed in the detention room of the Unit for Security of Facilities and Detention of Persons Deprived of Liberty of the Police Administration of the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of the Interior, was explained by the Ministry of the Interior, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

Ismir Jusko, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Sarajevo Canton, emphasized last night that it is necessary as soon as possible for the state to tackle the problem of crime generated by illegal economic migrants and approach deportations as the most efficient solution.

“No one is going to spend thousands and thousands of euros and come to the European Union border and then bring him back from the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina. BiH would no longer be their preferred transit route,” said Jusko. According to Jusko, this is a problem that primarily depends on the highest level of government, while the lower authorities can only suffer the consequences of decisions coming from the top.

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