Two Air Bombs weighing One Tonne found in Centre of Sarajevo

September 7, 2019 3:00 PM

On Thursday, a huge air bomb was found and successfully neutralized behind the Radio Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Bingo shopping centre construction site in centre of Sarajevo.

However, another was spotted in the same location early this morning, and, currently, demining team of the Federal Civil Protection Administration is working on its removal.

Sead Vrana, head of the Department of Explosives Removal at the Federal Civil Protection Administration, said they received information early Saturday that another air bomb had been found near the Bingo shopping center site in Alipasin Most settlement.

“An air bomb was spotted at this same location two days ago, and a new one was spotted early on Saturday. We came out on the site, concluding that it was an air bomb, but given that approximately 15 to 20 percent of the bomb’s body is visible, we cannot fully identify it, “Vrana said.

He points out that it must first be excavated before taking all the necessary measures to protect the citizens of this part of Sarajevo.

“We will first start by alerting the residents, evacuating them from the exposed parts of the facilities, and then proceeding to apply technical methods to dig the bomb, determine what it is and make a plan for further disposal of the unexploded ordnance,” said Sead Vrana for news portal.


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