Twenty Years old Man dies of Coronavirus in Bosnia

In the last 24 hours in Tuzla Canton, 65 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded from 240 tested samples, and 11 people died, the youngest of whom was 20 years old. The oldest deceased patient was 84 years old, the Crisis Staff of the Ministry of Health of Tuzla Canton stated.

According to the epidemiological review regularly submitted by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, there are 94,507 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Bosnia and Herzegovina so far, and 438,057 people have been tested. 

So far, 2,952 patients have died, while 58,625 people have recovered from the coronavirus. Out of that, so far in the Federation of BiH, the infection has been confirmed in 60,680 people out of 291,373 tested, the number of dead is 1,667, and 40,648 people have recovered. 

In the Republika Srpska, 31,769 cases of infection have been confirmed so far, 137,543 people have been tested, 1,196 have died, while 17,054 people have recovered from the consequences of the corona virus. According to the data for the Brčko District of BiH, 2,058 cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed, 9,141 people were tested, 89 people died, and 923 people recovered from the corona virus. 

32,930 active cases were registered in BiH, of which 18,365 in the Federation of BiH, 13,519 in the Republika Srpska and 1,046 in the Brcko District of BiH.

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