Twenty Seven Victims of Genocide in Srebrenice to be buried this Year

This year, 27 victims of genocide in Srebrenica will be buried at the Collective Funeral at the Memorial Center in Potocari.

Approximately 5,000 participants are expected, was stated at the fourth meeting of the Organizing Committee to mark the 24th anniversary of the genocide in the UN Security Zone.

So far, nearly 2,000 people registered for attendance and all individuals wishing to join can get accreditation of the participants on the day of their departure.

Group applications last until the first of July.

The FBiH Government also gave support to the 24th-anniversary marking, pointing to the need to end this day as a jubilee day rather than to remain a historical event that must never be forgotten.

FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalic recalled that the International Court in The Hague ruled that genocide occurred in Srebrenica, stating that the FBiH Government would mark this day forever. So far, 6,610 victims have been buried in the Potocari Memorial Center, News Agency Patria reports.

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