Tuzla International Airport welcomed 600,000 Passengers last Year





A total of 592,374 passengers passed through Tuzla International Airport last year, which is 7,764 more than in the previous year.

According to this, it can be concluded that the plan of the Tuzla Airport Management has been fulfilled, which announced and expected about 600,000 passengers during the last year.

In December, 40,918 passengers passed through Tuzla International Airport, an increase of 1,447 passengers compared to the same month in 2018, RTV Slon reports.

The winter flight schedule is now in effect and no flights to two destinations in Sweden and one to Germany and Austria are possible. “It is Stockholm and Vexchio in Sweden, then Vienna in Austria and Baden Baden or Karlsruhe in Germany,” recalled Enver Jukanovic, director of marketing and development of Tuzla International Airport.

Flights to these destinations will be established in the spring, that is, the summer schedule will take effect.

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