School Principal of Turkish Nationality arrested: Threat of Deportation, Lawyer suspects on Abduction


A Turkish national of F.K. Initials (identity known to Klix.ba news portal), who works as a director of Una-Sana College in Bihac, who is permanently resident in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), was called to the Una Sana Canton Ministry of Internal Affairs today for an interview, after which he was arrested and transported to the Immigration Center for deportation to Turkey, learns Klix.ba. This information for the portal was confirmed by lawyer Nedim Ademovic, who tried to make contact with the Turkish citizen, but he was not allowed.

“They told us that we did not have a power of attorney to represent him. However, he was deprived of his liberty and was not allowed to speak to us. They also told us from the said college that they tried to track the vehicle in which they took him, but the car was moving very fast and went through all the red lights with speed and it was impossible to track him,” Ademovic told Klix.ba.

Ademovic is the legal representative of several Turkish nationals whose extradition is being sought by Turkey. He points out that F.K. has a permanent residence in BiH and has lived with our family in our country for over 20 years. “It is inconceivable for me to associate it with anything other than Turkey’s politically motivated request for extradition of the so-called people belonging to a Gulen’s movement. This could be the first case of the abduction of a Turkish citizen in BiH at the request of the authorities in Turkey. We are witnessing that Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Moldova answered onTurkey’s requests were similarly taken away by Turkish nationals and informally handed over to Turkish authorities,” Ademovic said.

It also remains to be seen whether BiH will join the countries convicted by the European Court of Human Rights for the fact of abducting foreign nationals and deportation without the possibility of legal proceedings.

The Turkish citizen’s family, students, teachers and parents of children are concerned about these developments and expect a quick reaction and explanation as to why he is deprived of his liberty, where he was escorted and where he is.

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