Training for 19 Dogs for Detecting Mines in B&H for the Lebanese Mine Action Center

March 30, 2014 3:30 PM

psi_mineThree mine detection dogs were trained at the Center for training of dogs for mine detection in B&H, and they were delivered in Lebanon accompanied by trainers of the Center (MDDC).

With the training of these three mine detection dogs, MDDC has so far sent a total of 19 dogs to the Center in Lebanon (LMAC), announced the Center for training of dogs for mine detection B&H.

Director of the Center in B&H Nermin Hadžimujagić visited LMAC and spoke with the Director of the Lebanese Center, Brigadier General Imad Odeimie, who on this occasion once more highlighted the importance of a quality team of dogs that the MDDC trained in B&H, in their activities to remove the threat of mines.

Cooperation of MDDC and the LMAC began in 2008, and the continuity of cooperation is a confirmation that the dogs that are trained by MDDC are a valuable tool in the fight against mines in Lebanon.

(Source: Fena)

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