Traditional Christmas in Vionica near Mostar: They are preserving Tradition from Oblivion

Catholics all over the world yesterday celebrated the Christmas Eve before the Christmas, which is considered as the most celebrated Catholic holiday. Cities as well as numerous family homes are decorated on this holiday, but the tradition of original customs is still preserved only in certain villages and by cultural-artistic societies.

Ljubica Lukenda from the village Vionica near Mostar is one of the guardians of the original tradition in the CAS “St. Marko”, but also some of the customs that are passed on from previous generations.

“When taking the Yule log into the house, the wheat is sprinkled on the family members in order for the next year to be successful,” stated Ljubica.

However, a prayer and fast that are practiced on the Christmas Eve are also required for that.

With this, she noted, they prepare fish, and the food is much richer today, as well as the holiday feast.

But, Christmas feast has always been the richest in all Catholic homes, which is still nourished despite the modern lifestyle.

When it comes to traditional meals, as she noted, there are still roasted meat on the feast days, and traditional pastries with figs that are decorated with many delicacies in modern households.

The most important Christmas custom and tradition is gathering, which will never stop, because Christmas is a family holiday and people are traveling from one end of the world to another in order to be with their beloved ones on that day, but also with their friends and neighbors.

“We still have a tradition in our village to visit our neighbours and cousins after a family lunch, where we eat, drink, sing and celebrate,” stated Ljubica.

(Source: fokus.ba)



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