Thousands of Swimmers enjoyed Pliva Lakes in Jajce

July 24, 2017 8:30 AM

Several thousand of swimmers looked for their refreshment from the hot summer day in the large Pliva Lakes.

Very high temperatures made numerous citizens of Jajce, as well as numerous tourists, to visit the lake in Pliva River Valley.

According to the Federal Meteorological Institute, the highest temperature recorded in our country yesterday was between 31 °C and 37 °C and in the south of our country up to 39 °C. The biometeorological prognosis for our country was unfavorable, especially in the north of the country, with temperatures that were above the average.

The weather in BiH today will be moderately cloudy, and there is a possibility of rain and showers in northern and northeastern areas of Bosnia in the afternoon hours.

Large cloudiness from the West that will cause rain and thunderstorms in the entire country is expected on Tuesday night.

The lowest morning temperatures today will be between 13 °C and 19 °C, and in the south up to 22 °C. The highest daily temperature will be between 31 °C and 35 °C and in the south of our country up to 38 °C.



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