Theme for marking the Anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide presented in London in the House of Lords

February 11, 2019 10:00 AM

A theme for marking the anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica was presented in London at the House of Lords of the UK Parliament. Four lords and three members of the UK Parliament addressed the present. The youngest speaker was seventeen-year-old Amina Mekić, who talked about the experience of her family, war trauma and the loss of the closest family members during the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina, stated the BH Association of the United Kingdom.

Amina Mekić was born in the United Kingdom as the second generation of survivors of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her family comes from Sarajevo.

“In the war, we lost many members of the nearest family. We recently found the remains of my grandfather and my uncle. We do not know how and where they were killed. No one has yet been tried for their murder, even though more than 25 years have passed. Many of us are displaced all over the world, my family came to Birmingham, United Kingdom during the war. I attended the Bosnian Supplementary School in Birmingham and I am also a member of the Bosnian folk group ‘Mladost Bosne’, said Mekić.

After presenting the theme for this year’s marking, Amina Mekić said that she has had the honor to speak in the House of Lords on behalf of the Bosnian youth and that she was given a chance to further deepen the understanding in people about the genocide in Srebrenica.

“I will always be grateful to the Remembering Srebrenica Foundation for the work they have done with BH UK Network and have enabled me to participate in something so significant for our country,” said Mekić.

The theme for marking the anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica for 2019 is “Bridging the Divide-Opposing the Hatred.” The theme was presented by State Secretary for Housing, Community and Local Governance, Honorary Member of Parliament, James Brokenshire.

At the end of her speech, Amina Mekić read the “Prayer” for all the victims of genocide in hope that Srebrenica never happens to anyone ever again.

(Source: Federal News Agency)


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