The ”Old Bridge” in Mostar is one of the twenty most beautiful Bridges in the World


The ”Old Bridge” in Mostar is on the list of the 20 worlds most beautiful bridges. The ”Old Bridge” is a symbol of the city on the River Neretva and one of the symbols of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ”Old Bridge” is currently on the 12th place of the list. The last place on the list is reserved for the French ”Pont du Gard”, while the 19th place is the bridge ”Akashi-Kaikyo” in the Japanese Akashi.

The 18th place goes to the New York ”Brooklyn Bridge” and the 17th to the ”Henderson Wave Bridge” in Singapore. The symbol of USA and California, the ”Golden Gate” bridge is on the 16th place, while ” Royal George” bridge in Colorado (USA) is occupying the 15th  place.  After our bridge, the 13th place occupies the Venetian ” Rialto” bridge, and on the 11th place is the ”Ponte Vecchio” in Florence. ”Oresund” bridge in Malmo is on the 10th place, while, ”Millau Viaduct” in France is on the 9th, and the ”Bosporus Bridge” in Istanbul on the 8th place. Venetian ” Bridge of Sigs” occupies the 7th place and the ”Si-o-se” bridge in Iran is on the 6th place.
On the list of five most beautiful are the ”Sundial” bridge in California, ”Lupa” in Shangai, and ‘‘Langkawi Sky’’ in Malaysia, and ‘‘Chengyang’’ in China. The worlds most beautiful is the ” Water Bridge” in Magdeburg in Germany.

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