The Fall of the EUR to increase the Debt of B&H, direct Loans of Citizens to remain the same?

July 7, 2015 3:45 PM

hasicThe fall of the EUR over 1.5 % against the Dollar due to the crisis in Greece will increase the external debt of B&H.

However, as far as the citizens of B&H are concerned, economists estimate that their direct loans to banks should not be increased except of the loans that are linked to the Dollar, but there is no many of those in our country.

“It is a small fall. It will indirectly influence on the debt of B&H, because it will increase the total amount of debt of our country, but for the business activities in the country there shouldn’t be major fluctuations,” said economic analyst, Duljko Hasić.

He added that when it comes to the EUR, the situation will certainly calm down in few days, and that all parties will try to find a solution in order to avoid major consequences on the EUR.

“The first day after the elections in Greece, the European Union announces continuation of negotiations with Greece. This country created international obligations and now they will look for modalities on how to return those obligations,” said Hasić.




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