The Beginning of a major Investment on Vlasic Mountain?

A tourist settlement “Lotos 1” was opened in the village of Mudrike on the plateau of Vlasic Mountain, just three kilometers away from the Ski Center Babanovac, and it includes 10 objects on the surface of 20 hectares. This represent the first stage of investment, and a total of 1.2 million BAM was invested in the process of land acquisition and all the necessary construction permits.

“This is a tourist settlement whose construction started last year in March. There are 10 luxurious villas in this settlement. This will be an open-type tourist resort because we are planning the construction of children’s playrooms and all guests will have the opportunity to enjoy this part of Vlasic Mountain,” noted Elvedin Mehic, CEO of the company Ghamdi for BiH, and he added that the first guests interested in further investment have already arrived.

“Arabs are investing all over the world, but considering the fact that BiH is especially attractive due to its climate, especially in the summer season, we decided to invest here. These ten villas are just the beginning and the construction of a hotel will follow soon,” said Said El-Gamdi, the owner of the company.

One of the owners of villas did not try to hide his pleasure and excitement with the beauty of BiH and Vlasic.

“I have visited almost entire Europe as a student, all tourist destinations, but Bosnia is the most beautiful. People in BiH are just special,” said Jusuf, one of the owners.

The construction of a hotel on this locality represents an investment worth 3 million BAM and the construction is expected to start soon. The first owners already received keys, and they are citizens of Saudi Arabia, mostly doctors of medicine, attorneys and businessmen.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)





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