Thanks to Good People, Little Syrian Girl now has safe Place to Stay in Sarajevo


They were rescued from the minuses and cold streets of Sarajevo by good people led by Haris Hadzihasanovic, owner of the Sarajevo hostel Magaza, who gave them a room for free.  In an interview with Oslobodjenje news portal, Hadzihasanovic points out that many people helped this family.

“The girl and her father are still in the hostel. I gave them one room as long as they needed it. Good people responded, they brought lots of food and clothes, but also money, so some help was already collected,” said Hadzihasanovic.

Aya is a two-year-old Syrian girl staying with her father in Sarajevo – they need help and according to the information he gave, Aya’s father, Muhammad Abu Aya, is aiming for Germany, because part of his family is already there.

Little Aya lost her mother during the bombing of Damascus and she was wounded as well. She and her father came to the hostel, located in the Old Town, by chance. One cold evening, they showed up at a cafe in Bascarsija to warm up. Aya has fever and good people took her to a private polyclinic, where she was examined.

“We were also contacted by an agency that cares for refugees and their children, from which they said they would come to talk to us on Saturday, to see what they could do and how they could help,” Hadzihasanovic said.

Collecting help is still ongoing. If anyone can help, they can visit the Magaza hostel in person or contact the girl’s father via WhatsApp (+30 699 493 2733).



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