Termination of Employment for Member of Border Police of BiH who took 20 Euros

The Disciplinary Commission of the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after considering the submitted request for initiating disciplinary proceedings and holding the main trial, issued a decision on termination of employment for a member of the Border Police Unit Brcko Rajo K.

He is suspected that on March 16, while performing border checks at the entrance to BiH at the Brcko International Border Crossing, after controlling the IA, which had an ID card of the Republic of Croatia, AA, which had an ID card of the Republic of Croatia, and F .F., Who also had an ID card of the Republic of Croatia, and who were traveling in an Audi A5, told them that they could not cross the border crossing and enter Bosnia and Herzegovina if they did not show the BiH travel document.

He then said that due to not having travel documents, they must pay a fine in the amount of 300 BAM, which they can pay 150 BAM each within eight days.

When the Croats asked him to return the documents so that they could return and go to the second border crossing, at the suggestion of police officer Rajo K., one of the mentioned persons put 20 euros in the driver’s documents, which the policeman took and allowed them to cross the state border.

“He acted contrary to the Law on Police Officers of BiH, contrary to the Decision on prescribing additional conditions for entry of foreigners into BiH by the BiH Council of Ministers, the Action Plan of the BiH Border Police to prevent the spread of coronavirus and the Rulebook on border checks and data entry in travel documents. committed serious breaches of official duty, which are defined as non-performance, unscrupulous, untimely or careless performance of official tasks, “behavior that damages the reputation of the police body and abuse of official position”,” is stated sby the Border Police of  BiH.

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