The most talented Children from all across the Former Yugoslavia on the open Sarajevo Mixer House

80 children from Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo and Slopje are gathered in the Regional Children Philharmonic will organize a major musical dessert on the open Sarajevo Mixer House. The joint musical will make the biggest names in music alive again, while the several-hour long rehearsals in the “Home for all our people” will last until September 8th.

Until the major rehearsal in Sarajevo, everything is rehearsing in their own home towns. Rehearsals last five hours, but the participants’ attention and concentration aren’t decreasing. Love for music and art which they have from their birth connect them. Even though they had several large performances, such as those in Ljubljana and Zagreb, their leader Ljubisa Jovanovic says that the performance in Sarajevo is special.

“This performance truly has a special, cultural weight and trust me that we’re happy that it’s happening. I’m sorry that only one bus of children will be coming from Belgrade, since at least a hundred of them wanted to come. For me and my friends, Sarajevo was always a cultural place and I’m very happy since I’m coming back to the podium on which I was making music for ten years in a much nicer role,” Ljubisa said.

The young virtuoso will begin with Beethoven’s Ode to Joy and then will play some more familiar music (Pirates of Caribbean, Star Wars, Shindlers’ List, etc.)

“I think that this performance will attract a lot of attention since the most talented children from these countries will be playing. That’s not the normal children’s music that we’re used to but the art of the highest form,” he said.

Ljubisa explained the importance of Mixer House.

“Mixer House represents a symbol of gathering of cultures in the entire Balkans and I consider that, in the cultural context, that’s the most significant thing in the region since these small cultural markets are coming back on the map through all sorts of art, which is very hard, difficult and what demands a lot of effort,” he said.

(Source: photo mondo)


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