Take a look at some of the Patents of BH Citizens

In the past five years, the Institute for Intellectual Property of BiH has issued 170 patent approvals, according to Irma Isak-Gudelj, head of the Office for Patents at the Institute for Intellectual Property of BiH.

Some of the recognized patents are: Foldable bicycle, Closed medicine dropper for ears, Eco grill, Device for ice storage, Ergonomic spine holder, Multiplier of power-force and number of turnovers, Wind-driven rotor, Organic pelletized substrate for the production of healthy groceries, fruit, vegetables and cereals, ornamental plants and sowing material, Electric evaporator of liquid gas and many others.

“When it comes to the patent applicants, 95 % of them are physical persons and 5 % are legal persons, i.e. companies. It is necessary to pay administrative fees and costs of the patent application process when filing a patent application. The administrative fee for patent application is 10 BAM,” stated Isak-Gudelj.

The costs of submitting the application for patent registration amounts to 250 BAM for physical and legal persons.

When it comes to the required period of time for obtaining the patent, the procedure is defined by the Law on Patents, in which are specified deadlines for specific activities.

“If there are no legal obstacles and if the applicant respects the deadlines that are defined by the Law, the patent can be obtained within two and a half to four years from the date of application, which corresponds to the average of the majority of Patent Offices in the world. The speed of patent approval depends on the field of technology, the type of patent, as well as the number of applications,” stated Isak-Gudelj.

In the past five years, a total of 170 approvals were issued, of which 127 patents were recognized based on the results of the full research of the patentability conditions (novelty, inventive level and industrial applicability), while 43 patents received the approval after the patent application has been submitted without a complete result or with delayed completion of the entire research.

(Source: fokus.ba)


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