Take a Look at the more Environmentally Friendly Square of Freedom in Tuzla

Citizens of Tuzla, as well as all tourists and visitors who decide to visit this city, will have the opportunity to enjoy in wider and more environmentally friendly Square of Freedom at the beginning of next summer.

The construction of an object was planned on the part of the land where the former building of the Municipality of Tuzla was located, but the geological findings showed that it is not possible for at least ten years. Due to that, the city authorities decided to implement a new project, and they will be extending the Square of Freedom.

“The first level of the square is on the part with the mosque, the second level is next to the fountain and the baroque building, and now we will climb up the stairs to the third level, where the ice skating rink is currently placed. There will be one part of the square that will resemble on an open-air stage with an amphitheater. The amphitheater will be like a bench, and the open scene is planned for some smaller events,” said the Mayor of Tuzla, Jasmin Imamovic.

“We do not want that this construction site endangers our tourist season. We want everything to be completed as soon as possible. After the completion of planned works, the city of Tuzla will definitely have the largest and the most beautiful city square in the entire BiH,” said Mayor Imamovic.


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