Take a Look at the Future Two New Memorial Sites in Sarajevo

The Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo allocated about 150,000 BAM last year for the construction of new memorial sites to martyrs, fallen soldiers of the Army of RBiH and killed children, and the reconstruction and maintenance of memorials and martyr cemeteries that are located on its territory.

The construction of memorials on the plateau of the eco-house at Mojmilo is currently taking place in memory of martyrs and fallen soldiers from Mojmilo and Turkusici, those who stopped the aggressor tanks and defended the Mojmilo Hill back in 1992.

That will be the space for all those who want to remember their loved ones, and it will remind us that a lot of people gave their lives for the freedom that we enjoy today. The memory of them, the brave sons of our homeland, will be preserved in this way.

Moreover, a memorial site will be constructed in memory of the killed children of the settlement of Vitkovac, at the entrance to Potur Sahidijina Street, near the sports playground. It will be a memorial for all the children of this settlement who were killed during the defensive – liberation war in the period 1992-1995.

This will be a great reminder on all the innocent victims who were killed during the aggression on our country and on everything that happened in this part of the Municipality of Novi Grad back then. The memorial site will contain marble panles at which will be written the names of 23 killed children from this area, and the plateau will include benches in order for everyone who want to recall their loved ones to be able to sit down and pay their tribute.

After the already mentioned works, the memorial site next to the school “Behaudin Selmanovic” in Brijesce will be reconstructed, as well as the memorials near the school “Fatima Gunic” in the B phase of Alipasino Polje, and memorials in the settlement Mojmilo near the local community “Olympic Village”.

(Source: fokus.ba)




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