Stricter Measures at the Bjelasnica-Igman Ski Resorts

As of today, the ski resorts of the Bjelasnica-Igman Ski Center will have stricter measures due to the sudden increase in the number of people infected with the corona virus in BiH, the Sarajevo company “ZOI’84” announced.

The company explains that the stricter measures envisage limiting the number of tickets that will be available for sale and reducing the allowed parking capacity.

“In cooperation with the police authorities, in addition to the prescribed measures for non-compliance with the provisions, our covid wardens will be authorized to confiscate tickets from those who do not respect the obligation to wear protective masks and keep a physical distance,” the statement said.

The company points out that the employees provide maximum efforts in the implementation of the prescribed measures and that, with the support of the police and inspection bodies, which perform constant supervision, they try to offer all visitors a safe stay at the ski resorts.

“Users of the services of the Ski Center adhere to the prescribed measures, but on this occasion we appeal to all skiers and visitors to adhere to the measures,” states the company “ZOI`84”.

It is reminded that the key reason for closing a large number of ski resorts in Europe is the use of closed cable cars and closed catering facilities, while staying in the mountains, while respecting the physical distance, is recommended.

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