Stoltenberg: NATO will continue to be the Guarantor of Stability in the Balkans

March 14, 2017 8:45 AM

StoltenbergThe Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO will remain with its commitment to the preservation of peace in the Balkans. In his speech in Brussels, while presenting the annual report of NATO in 2016, Stoltenberg said that “Alliance remains committed to the security of the Western Balkans region”, and added that NATO will continue its open door policy, as reported by the Macedonian Information Agency (MIA).

The membership of Montenegro in NATO will further increase the security of the Western Balkans, which is extremely important for the Alliance. The invitation for the Montenegro is a clear sign that NATO’s door will remain open for those countries that are wishing to join and meet the criteria for membership.

„We will continue to work with other countries that aspire to join the Alliance and those are BiH, Georgia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. We want to help them in the process of preparation for membership in NATO,” said Stoltenberg, using temporary international reference term for Macedonia instead of the Republic of Macedonia.

The correspondent of the Macedonian Information Agency (MIA) from Brussels reported that Stoltenberg presented quite gloomily picture of NATO, which is currently facing some of the biggest challenges that the Alliance has experienced ever since its founding.



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