State Court confirmed Indictment against Actors of ‘Respirators Case’

The State Court has confirmed the indictment against Federation Prime Minister Fadil Novalic and others in the “Respirators” case for association for abuse of office, receiving an award for trading in influence, money laundering and forgery of documents, the Balkan Research Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIRN BiH) confirmed.

In addition to Novalic, the indictment charges Fahrudin Solak, suspended director of the Federal Civil Protection Administration, legal entity “F.H. Srebrena Malina ”Srebrenica and the director of this company Fikret Hodzic and Jelka Milicevic, Deputy Prime Minister of the Federation and Federal Minister of Finance. This information for BIRN BiH was confirmed by the defense counsel for the accused Fadil Novalić, Vasvija Vidovic, Detektor writes.

“The Indictment charges the Accused with committing the aforementioned criminal offenses in connection with the procurement of 100 respirators worth 10,530,000 BAM and protective equipment worth 2,900,000 BAM for the purpose of combating coronavirus in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the period immediately after declaration of the state of the accident “, it was stated earlier in the statement of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

The Prosecution alleges that Novalic is accused of devising a plan for illegal payment of budget funds for the purchase of funds and equipment for the fight against coronavirus, using the circumstances of declaring a pandemic, as well as the capacities of the Prime Minister in the Government of the Federation of BiH. In that plan, in order to obtain illegal property gain, Fahrudin Solak, Fikret Hodzic and the legal entity ‘F.H. Silver Raspberry ’Srebrenica. This joint group then procured 100 pieces of respirators ‘ACM812A’ at increased prices, whereby the delivered respirators cannot be used for the purposes for which they were procured – for the treatment of COVID-19, as a result of which property damage was caused to the budget of the Federation of BiH. This enabled the acquisition of illegal property gain that would be divided between members of the associated group, “the statement said.

The Accused Milicevic is charged with having committed the criminal offense of “Unscrupulous Work in the Service” because she knowingly violated the law and other regulations by enabling such procurement of respirators, and then by failing to fulfill her statutory duties did not prevent harmful consequences.

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