Start me up: Young People in BiH need more practical Knowledge

February 22, 2018 8:00 AM

Young people in BiH should get the opportunity to find a job and contribute to the improvement and development of BH economy with their talent and quality, said the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to BiH, Edward Ferguson, at the Start-up conference, which was held yesterday in Sarajevo. The best start up projects were awarded at this conference as well.

“A very important factor in all of this is the education system, which is currently directed towards the theoretical part, and it is less practical,” said Ambassador Ferguson, and stated that we need to take into consideration that the global market is changing and that universities all around the world are adapting to demands of the market, and they are including entrepreneurship in the curriculum and focusing on natural sciences.

“At this conference were presented the best ideas and projects… I expect that one of these projects will bring some interesting solutions, promotion of BiH in the best way, as well as to show that this is not a country where young people are forced to leave it, but a country where young people are given the opportunity to stay here and make their careers,” said Prof. Dr. Damir Marjanovic.

The President of the Council of Foreign Investors in BiH, Branimir Muidza, stated that they have been making large efforts  with the aim to create a more favourable ambience for business operations in BiH for more than 15 years.

“We want to affirm the country of knowledge and not the country of acquaintances. We want to affirm the values that will help young people to see their future in BiH,” stated Muidza, and also added that he believes that knowledge, which is the capital that young people in BiH possess after they finish schools and faculties, is at a much higher level.

The “Start me up” is the first conference that brought together world-famous start-up experts, diplomatic and academic representatives, as well as entrepreneurs with great practical experience, and all of that with the aim to examine the opportunities for start-up business in BiH.




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