Staff of National Museum are working on a Mosaic that shows the most Famous Mythical Singer Orpheus


Some of the invaluable cultural treasures that speak of the rich history of our country and illuminating it are fragments of the mosaic that is dating back from the end of the third century and shows the most famous mythical singer and player Orpheus.

The staff of the National Museum in Sarajevo and experts from the famous Italian Institute Opificio delle Pietre Dure are working together on the process of restoration of this mosaic.

Thirteen fragments of floor mosaics that are deposited in the National Museum in Sarajevo were found back in 1967 at the locality of Panik near Bileca. The mosaic was part of the floor of a Roman villa, and villas like that were found at around 150 sites in BiH.

“Fragments of this mosaic are deposited in the museum and we will try to restore this composition together with the Opificio delle Pietre Dure Institute, and we are planning to exhibit the mosaic when favorable conditions are created, but after we complete the entire composition. We are working together with them, and we have instructions for the way they do it at their renowned mosaic institute in Florence,” stated conservatory specialist and advisor at the National Museum in Sarajevo, Esad Veskovic.

Our and Italian experts worked on two fragments, and they passed all stages of restoration together, step by step. As Veskovic noted, the Italian institute also provided the materials and equipment needed for restoration, which they cannot afford at the moment, and they are hoping to get more of it in order to complete the other 11 fragments as well. After all of them are restored in the same way, with the same methodology and techniques, the floor mosaic can be completed.

“The materials enabled us to work at the most contemporary level and to comply with their methodology. They have donated both their equipment and their knowledge,” said the conservator for metal and ceramics, Emir Kapetanovic.

According to Chiara Martinelli, the mosaics with Orpheus from Greek mythology were also found in Italy and it would be interesting to go a bit deeper and find a link when it comes to a historical point of view. She also added that the most stunning are colors of stone in this unique mosaic – green, red and pink.

“This is a great museum and everyone is doing a great job, because I think that it is hard to protect, preserve and exhibit this large heritage that your country has,” said Martinelli.

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