Spark: We hired a 100 new Employees

January 11, 2017 5:15 PM

spark-gadget-show-106In less than a year, which was the final deadline for our recruitment action. It started last year in February. Although it sounds unreal, we really hired more than 100 employees in only ten months.

It all started last winter when we released the first 25 opening positions, and then we continued with other job ads through the rest of the year in accordance with the needs of SPARK member companies. We received a total of 821 applications, met more than 300 people through interviews, while selection process contained more than 200 elimination assignments. In the correspondence over 1000 emails were sent – it is possible that some of those very not answered (not on purpose), but those persistent ones manage to get feedback from us. Our human resources department had its hands full, but we believe that they have chosen the best candidates. Almost each of the nine SPARK member companies hired at least one person.

These are their positions: 3D Animator, 3D Modeller, Graphic Designer, Android Developer, iOS Developer, Linux System Administrator, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, Full-Stack Developer, Unity 3D/C# Developer, System Developer, Hardware Specialist, Q.A. Tester, Support Operator, Technical Writer, Betting Administrator, Project Manager, Operations Manager, Business Operations Director, Sales Director, Sales Agent, Business Developer, Technical, Account Manager, Market Research Analyst, Reporting & Analytics Specialist, Legal Advisor, Financial Officer and Analyst, Accountant, Office Assistant, Prototype Engineer, Assembler, CNC Operator, Electronic System El., Electrostatic Painter, Locksmith, Mechanical Engineer, Shop, Assistant / Economist, Field Sales Representative, Field Service Technician and Facility Officers.

Due to the slow process of getting work permits, two of our future colleagues from Brazil and Pakistan are still in the recruitment process. We are proud of the diversity of cultures, backgrounds and characters and so far we have employees from BiH, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, USA, Great Britain and Libya. As every time so far, we will try to be good hosts for future employees and ease their life transition with all benefits.

We strive to become an environment in which people retain and create big plans for the future. Current total number of SPARKsters is 240, but our wish is to hire a minimum of 100 new employees in this year.  #newyearmorenewemployees

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