Who were the most significant Investors in FBiH in 2015?

December 2, 2016 8:00 PM

strane-investicije-1The federal government adopted a report on implementation of direct foreign investments in FBiH in 2015, which states that direct foreign investments in FBiH in 2015 amounted to 379.2 million BAM out of 476.7 million BAM in total, which is the amount of investments implemented in the entire BiH.

The most significant investor countries in 2015 in FBiH were Croatia (163.7 million BAM), Luxembourg (71.1 million BAM), Turkey (62.6 million BAM), the Netherlands (40 million BAM), Austria (33.2 million BAM), Kuwait (27.6 million BAM) and Serbia (20.5 million BAM). At the same time, the reduction of foreign capital resulting from sale, transfer of the entire capital or a part of it, and removal from the registry amounted to 103.8 million BAM. The most significant reductions are those of France (-41.1 million BAM), Switzerland (-36.1 million BAM), Slovakia (-17.8 million BAM) and Italy (-3.8 million BAM).

Activities where the most foreign investments were registered are financial activities – without insurance and pension funds (189.4 million BAM), telecommunications (65.8 million BAM), real estate (49.6 million BAM), production of chemicals (38.7 million BAM), management (33.8 million BAM), wholesale – without trade of motor vehicles and motorcycles (31.2 million BAM), insurance, re-insurance and pensions funds (17.3 million BAM) and production of beverages (10.4 million BAM).

The report also provides indicators of direct foreign investments from 1994 until the end of 2015 which amounted to around 7 billion BAM in FBiH. In this period, the major investors were Croatia (1.9 billion BAM), Austria (1.68 billion BAM), Germany (547.5 million BAM), Slovenia (466.7 million BAM), Switzerland (393.3 million BAM), Turkey (360.8 million BAM) and the Netherlands (319.3 million BAM).

Negative amounts of investments were generated by Malaysia (-15.6 million BAM), Norway (-0.9 million BAM) and Slovakia (-0,2 million BAM).

At the proposal of the Ministry of Trade of FBiH, the Government of FBiH also adopted the information on registered representative offices of foreigners in BiH, conclusive with May 10, 2016. The largest number of these representative offices was opened by people from Croatia (88 or 25.58 percent), Slovenia (38 or 11.04 percent), USA (32 or 9.3 percent), Germany (23 or 6.69 percent), Serbia (21 or 6.1 percent), Austria, Hungary and Italy (16 for each or 4.65 percent), Turkey (15 or 4.36 percent) and Switzerland (12 or 3.49 percent).

(Source: ekapija.com)


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