Shopping Malls to be opened on Thursday?


Shopping malls in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina could open their doors to visitors on Thursday.
This issue, as confirmed to Radio Sarajevo news portal, should be discussed at the session of the Federal Civil Protection Headquarters tomorrow.

“There are all chances that a session of the Federal Civil Protection Headquarters will be held tomorrow, at which several orders should be issued regarding the mitigation of measures, including enabling the operation of shopping centers,” Anis Ajdinovic, director of the Federal Administration told

Zlatan Persic, expert advisor for public relations of the Federal Ministry of Health, previously announced that the Crisis Staff of the Federal Ministry of Health should recommend to the Federal Civil Protection Staff this week the beginning of the third phase of mitigating restrictive measures.

“At the end of this month, the third phase is coming, which includes the opening of shopping centers. Of course, the final orders are issued by the Federal Civil Protection Headquarters, “he said.
Among the recommendations of the Crisis Staff is to allow catering facilities within shopping centers to operate, while respecting protection measures.

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