”Shell” is interested in BiH Market?

October 12, 2018 4:00 PM

One of the world’s largest oil company “Shell” has been analyzing areas of BiH in hope to find oil.

This company has signed a memorandum with the Government of FBiH which states that the analyses will last for another year.

Although the company is cautious of informing the public about the results of the research, there is optimism among all who are involved in this project, since the analysis will be continued and ”Shell” is interested in BiH market.

Sampling is planned, followed by a final decision of the company on whether to begin exploratory drilling.

Department of Geology of FBiH has organized a seminar on the occasion of analyses at the Faculty of Mining in Tuzla in cooperation with the ”Shell” team, and they also presented data that support the claim of the existence of oil in BiH.

At gas stations in BiH a liter of petrol or diesel is the cheapest in the region, and in comparison to other European countries, only Russia and Ukraine have cheaper petrol, which makes BiH the country that has the third lowest fuel prices in Europe.

According to the report Automobile Club BIHAMK the average price in BiH for Unleaded petrol 95 is 2,26 BAM, 2,41 BAM for gasoline 98 and 2,30 BAM for diesel.



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