Series of Attacks on Islamic Community Property in Eastern Bosnia

The Bosnian Islamic community leaders said that gravestones have been damaged and Serb nationalist stickers referring to the Srebrenica massacres have been put up at Muslim religious buildings.

The mufti’s office in Tuzla on Friday condemned what it described as a series of attacks on Islamic Community property in the towns of Zvornik and Bijeljina in recent weeks.

Unidentified persons destroyed four gravestones and caused considerable damage at the Kazanbašća Muslim cemetery in Zvornik during the night of June 7, the Tuzla mufti’s office said, BIRN reports.

Five days later, unidentified persons put up threatening stickers on a notice board in front of the Atik mosque in Bijeljina, at the entrance gate to the mosque’s harem and at the Islamic Community’s official premises in the town, it added.

“A knife and [barbed] wire, accompanied by the word ‘Srebrenica’, were printed on the stickers. [Other] stickers featured a map of Kosovo and the slogan ‘This is Serbs’ Homeland’, and ones with different faces, including that of [WWII Serb Chetnik leader] Draža Mihajlović, with the words ‘Our ancestors fell a long time ago, glorifying the name of Serbia’, were put up,” the mufti’s office said in a statement.

“The police administrations of Bijeljina and Zvornik have been informed about these incidents,” it added.

The mufti’s office called on the authorities to take action against threatening behavior and hate speech, Federal News Agency reports.

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