Serbia owes more than 30 million Euros to Srebrenica for the inundated Land?

August 9, 2015 4:15 PM

Serbia Debt faktor.baThat for years it has only been talked into when it comes to the extension of the hand of reconciliation from Serbia to B&H, was confirmed by the fact that Serbia, or more precisely the Hydroelectric Power Plant Bajina Basta, owe over 30 million Euros to Srebrenica, stated the head of the Cabinet of the Mayor of Srebrenica Municipality Nermin Alivukovic.

Alivukovic reminded that, by the construction of the Hydroelectric Power Plant Bajina Basta, a great part of land in the area of the Srebrenica Municipality was flooded, and until the beginning of the aggression on B&H the hydroelectric power plants duly paid the debt for the inundated land.

“It stopped with the beginning of the aggression, and it did not continue even after the end of the war, regardless of the numerous requests that the Srebrenica Municipality sent to the authorities in the country”, said Alivukovic.

According to Alivukovic, that debt exceeds 30 million Euros today.

“Until now, we have sent letters to the Council of Ministers of B&H, the Presidency of B&H, the Government of the RS and the line ministries, but all with no response”, Alivukovic said.

Alivukovic added that, during the visit of the delegation of Srebrenica Municipality to the Government of the RS in May, they were promised by the Vice-President of the Government of RS Srebrenka Golic, but also by the President of the RS Milorad Dodik, that the agreement on the compensation for the inundated land will be on the agenda of the first joint session of the Governments of the RS and Serbia, in June this year.

Alivukovic reminded that the session of the two governments was held, but that until now the Srebrenica Municipality has not received any information regarding the compensation for the inundated land.

“Two thirds of the inundated land are owned by the Srebrenica Municipality, and one third is owned by the Serbian Municipality of Bajina Basta, and Bajina Basta regularly receives the compensation from the Hydroelectrical Power Plant Bajina Basta, and according to the data we posess, it amounts to around one million Euros on an annual level”, stated the head of the Cabinet of the Mayor of Srebrenica.

(Source: photo faktor)

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