Sebija Izetbegovic warned: Nothing good awaits us

”The situation in Canton Sarajevo (CS) has been critical for days and is getting worse. Today, there were four times as many patients in the first early morning section. Almost half of the tested people are positive, ” Sebija Izetbegovic, the general director of Sarajevo University Clinical Center (in Bosnian: KCUS), said yesterday.

“Nothing good awaits us, things are not changing for the better, and the activities that are being implemented are not yielding results. The clinical center has 309 patients this morning, 45 of whom are in extremely serious condition. Eight people passed away, so we can’t expect anything good, ” warned prof. dr. Izetbegovic.

Apart from that, 233 samples were tested for the presence of coronavirus during the Sunday night at the KCUS, out of which 104 were positive, and they all come from Sarajevo. There are 107 patients in Podhrastovi, while seven are in the intensive care unit. 62 employees are positive for coronavirus, while 40 of them are in isolation. The KCUS notes that the situation is very serious.

During her guest appearance on the O channel, she stressed that the crisis staffs are the ones who should anticipate these things:

“The real Crisis Staff should have expected this and determined adequate measures. I am not a member of the Crisis Staff, but I have been warning about this for a long time. This Crisis Staff did not do it and now we have this situation, and it will be much worse. They do not set good measures, they are not adequate. What I like the least are threats to citizens, sending special armed forces to shopping malls. This is happening in horrifying dictatorial systems. The profession should deal with this. They should explain all to the citizens. There has been a relaxation of measures and we have this result.”

The KCUS director also referred to the countries in our region.

“Just look at Serbia, even though they have a lot of vaccinated people, coronavirus is outbreaking, thousands are infected. When the vaccination starts, KCUS will work all day and night. However, the vaccines do not mean the end of a pandemic. We need three weeks from the first vaccination to revaccination. Then it takes a period to develop immunity. Citizens should be careful, since respecting epidemiological measures and avoiding socializing that is not necessary will help. Life must go on, you cannot threaten citizens with weapons. I’ve been used to wearing a surgical mask my whole life, but my family members aren’t. So I tell them that they need to see a seriously infected covid patient and then they will easily understand how nice it is to respect epidemiological measures.

We can make a great success with the citizens if we can explain to them how important it is for them to be careful. If we are overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients, we will sentence other patients to death. The virus does not have boundaries, does not choose generations. I have never accepted that children cannot get coronavirus, the pediatric clinic accepts and registers patients, ” said Izetbegovic, BHRT writes.

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