SDA, SBB and DF signed Declaration on acting Patriotic Block in Legislative and Executive Power

SDA, DF and SBB Presidents Bakir Izetbegovic, Zeljko Komsic and Fahrudin Radoncic signed today a joint declaration in the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina building, which established the principles and priorities of the acting patriotic block in legislative and executive power.

“With the intent to ensure peace, stability and prosperity in the interest of all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Democratic Front, the Alliance for a Better Future, and the Party of Democratic Action have decided to form a strong patriotic political block that will act as the following priorities, as part of the legislative and executive power at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” was stated during the presentation.

Defense of sovereignty, territorial integrity and constitutional order of Bosnia and Herzegovina is highlighted as top priority, as well as the preservation of peace, stability and security in the country.

Adoption of laws and other measures necessary for the prevention and elimination of discrimination based on ethnic, religious, ideological or other affiliation and adopting economic reforms and building a better business environment with the goal of strengthening the domestic economy and opening up new jobs, was added in the statement.

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