Scalan welcomes adoption of Law on the Rights of National Minorities in Brcko District


Principal Deputy High Representative and Brčko District Supervisor Michael Scanlan applauded the adoption of the Law on Associations and Foundations and the Law on the Rights of National Minorities in Brčko District.

For a number of years now, along with the old Budget Law, which was replaced in December 2019, the Law on Associations and Foundations was seen as an egregious instrument that allowed for the non-transparent use of public funds. Both laws have now been replaced with laws that place the focus on budget transparency and the public’s interest. In today’s case, it will ensure for the fair, transparent and merit-based support of the non-governmental sector.

The Law on the Rights of National Minorities adopted today will allow for greater inclusion and equal participation of minorities in the District. In this respect, it will contribute to the entire community by making the District a better home for all its residents.

Scanlan also commended the District Government’s Monday adoption of the Action Plan for Public Administration Reform, a priority objective in 2021 along with the adoption of a Law on Conflict of Interest.

In the Supervisor’s meeting today with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Siniša Milić and Anto Domić, as well as the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the District Assembly, Esed Kadrić and Ivo Filipović, it was agreed that Government departments and other public administration offices need to continue to work through the election campaign and ensuing technical mandate period.

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