Saudi Ambassador to BiH: We won’t allow politicization of the Hajj

July 29, 2017 4:45 PM

The ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Bosnia and Herzegovina Hani bin Abdullah Mominah in an interview for Fena said that the safety of the pilgrims is a priority and that the institutions of the Kingdom of Sarajevo Arabia work day and night to make sure that all pilgrims are safe. He added that no one will allow the politicization of the hajj or the umra and that all pilgrims from all over the world are welcome.

Several million pilgrims from all over the world will go to Mecca and Medina this year to complete one of the five pillars of Islam, the hajj. In their sincere desire to arrive at the K’aba and conduct the hajj, believers are hurrying to the two holy cities, despite the difficult path that awaits them.

In order to ensure that all believers can fulfill all obligations and traditions in peace and security, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes all pilgrims with joy, since they are guests of Exalted Allah.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is honored to maintain the two holy harems and for the pilgrims that come from across the world to conduct the mandatory hajj. As in previous years, the KSA spares no efforts to ease the difficulty of conducting the hajj,” ambassador Mominah said.

The Government of KSA continuously works to better the services used by pilgrims, from their arrival to their return and, therefore, generously invests in bettering the infrastructure where the rituals are conducted and in modern technology that makes those rituals easier.

He also noted that an Institute for the Hajj was founded, which constantly monitors the hajj so that KSA can increase the standard of services and that various sectors are involved in the organization of the hajj and umra.

Also, the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the World Health Organization and other international health organizations, drafted a plan and took care to ensure that medical teams are able to conduct all medical services, as well as preventative care and general health services.

“Considering that health has experiences in providing health services in large gatherings, each year in the season of the hajj and umra, they undertake a series of measures,” the ambassador noted.




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