Sarajevo SWAT team is competing in the USA

November 28, 2012 2:12 PM

Nine members of the SWAT team of the Ministry of Internal Affair of the Canton Sarajevo are going on a competition of SWAT teams, which is organized and will be held in Florida, USA. The nine team members were escorted by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo, Nermin Pećanac and the Police Commissioner Vahid Čosić The Minister of Internal Affairs, Pećanac wished luck to our contestants and told them to present Bosnia and Herzegovina in the best way possible. He also reminded them of their great successes achieved in 2003 (3rd place in the individual category), 2006 (4th place in the individual category) and in 2008 (2nd place in the team category).

The Commissioner Vahid Čosić reminded that the first invitation for our SWAT team arrived in 1998, and since then they have been competing against highly trained SWAT teams from around the world. This competition always includes around 80 to 100 SWAT teams’ worldwide. The competition will be held in five categories.

The leader of our SWAT team is Avdo Ibrica, who said that they are not nervous because of the competition, because they have a lot of experience on these kinds of competitions. The leader of the team is travelling with eight other SWAT team members, and those are: Muhamed Mulaomerović, Amer Kukolj, Emir Halvadžija, Bojan Berović, Vahidin Kanlić, Emir Ćutuk, Mirnes Fatić and Safidin Jazvin.

The return of our SWAT team members is planned for the 12th of December. Good luck guys!

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